Hotel and vehicles covered with snow near Cradle Mountain Hotel

Cradle Mountain's Seasons

Cradle Mountain by the lake near Cradle Mountain Hotel
Exterior view with snow around the Cradle Mountain Hotel

There’s a saying in Tasmania that there’s no such thing as bad weather here—just the wrong clothing.

Cradle Mountain is an alpine environment, and the weather here can change quickly and dramatically. Warm, settled days, hot sun, rain, wind and snow can all occur here at any time of year.

The average maximum summer temperature at Cradle Mountain is a mild 19 degrees Celsius, while in winter, average temperatures peak at around eight degrees Celsius. The lakes, tarns, streams and rainforests of the Park are fed by high rainfall—between 1500 mm and 2000 mm each year, with the wettest months occurring in winter.

Whatever the weather, the four distinct seasons of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park each bring new opportunities to enjoy the wilderness in a unique way.

Summer The warmer months, between November and April, offer some of the best opportunities for walking in the Park. The weather is milder and more stable and the Park comes alive with colour. Most native flowering plants are in bloom at this time of year, including leatherwood, waratah, banksia, alpine wildflowers and orchids, fragrant herbs and the many-coloured flowers of the stunning (although extremely prickly) scoparia. It’s a perfect season for exploring, but make sure you’re prepared with adequate walking gear, sun protection and drinking water.

Spring This is a season of fresh, crisp days that can bring sun, wind, snow and rain. During late spring, wildflowers begin to emerge, animals become more active, and late snowfalls can still transform the landscape into a crystalline paradise. The weather is unpredictable, but spring can still be a delightful time for walking, if you’re well prepared. And if conditions change, the log fires (and day spa) at Cradle Mountain Hotel will be warm and waiting for you!

Autumn Autumn can be one of the most rewarding times for walking in the Park. The weather is generally mild and settled, and the burnished colours of autumn berries and flowers bring a rich character to the forests and plains of the Park. This is also the time of year to see the spectacular autumn display of the deciduous beech, or fagus, Tasmania’s only deciduous tree. From April, the leaves of the fagus begin to turn, changing from green to yellow, gold and deep red before dropping to the forest floor.

Winter Winter snowfalls transform Cradle Mountain into a storybook world of snow covered trees, frosted mountain peaks and frozen tarns and lakes. This is the season to rug up, enjoy the beauty of alpine snowfalls and indulge in some winter comforts.

Cold rainy or snowy days are perfect for settling in by the fire at Cradle Mountain Hotel:

  • Curl up with someone special by the fire and watch the weather change outside

  • Indulge in a whisky tasting, bowl of hot soup, or delicious meals from the Altitude restaurant.

  • Warm up in the day spa

  • Linger in the rooms of the Wilderness Gallery.

  • Rug up and take some of the short, clearly marked walks around the property or near the Rangers’ Station and Interpretation Centre.

Cradle Mountain Hotel is the prefect base from which to enjoy the changing moods of Cradle Mountain, at any time of year.