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There are so many activities and things to do at Cradle Mountain. Read on for a few of our favourites and to hear what's new at Cradle Mountain Hotel.

March 29, 2016

Ronny Creek was one of my favourite areas and during my time in the National Park, I made sure to incorporate it into my walking routes every day. The torrential rain had turned the buttongrass moorland into a raging floodplain, with hundreds of streams rushing along past and underneath the boardwalk. This made things a lot more interesting and between spotting wombats, I would also watch the water in amazement. 

It was in these streams where I encountered my very first platypus. I was walking back towards the bus stop, after a hike up to Crater Lake in the torrential rain, when I just so happened to glance down and find something strange looking back at me. I stopped dead and couldn’t believe my eyes. The platypus was less than a meter away and completely unfazed by me. He continued to swim around and forage for food; I watched him for nearly 10 minutes in total, before he eventually swam out of sight. 

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